The Brief

Reddy Airport Parking is an established business with a long standing website. The problem? It got old! Things happen fast on the internet, design trends come and go and all too quickly a website can feel very outdated. Customers use this site on a daily basis to make bookings and the dated look & feel was letting the business and its customers down. The site needed a makeover, it had to have a clean modern design that was user friendly and made the booking process more intuitive. This was part 1 of the brief.

A control panel was also needed. The staff at RAP need to manage all bookings and keep things in order. Although their existing control panel was getting the job done, it was becoming difficult to add new features and fix existing problems. We had to start from the ground up and build a system that could easily add new features and was flexible enough to evolve over time rather than needing to start all over again.